Welcome to Best Club Penguin Cheats and Tips

Or simply BCPTAC – http://bestclubpenguincheatsandtips.wordpress.com/

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 This my a experiment for one of my Opening pages

Hi, and welcome to the Best Club Penguin Cheats and Tips Here you can find secrets, tips, hints and more here instead of wasting time finding them at a game called Club Penguin. It’s not just cheats and tips here, you can find funny pic’s, news and other Club Penguin related stuff. So enjoy your visit here. You should Maximize your browser to get the best view at this blog


2 Responses to “Welcome to Best Club Penguin Cheats and Tips”

  1. Whogopenguin Says:

    Hmmm…good idea. Could have been worded better but certainly introduces people to this great site.

    Editors Comment:
    This is not my real site
    Its just a experment
    My real site is http://bestclubpenguincheatsandtips.wordpress.com/

  2. Whogopenguin Says:

    By the way check out my blog at whogopenguin.wordpress.com. I have no visitors and I spend all my time updating it… 😦

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